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Man City Are 1 Premier League Win Away from Creating History

man city premier league news

Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City are just 1 win away from creating history in the Premier League. The defending Champions have won 3 consecutive league titles in the last 3 seasons and need just one more win to win 4th Premier League title. Did any team win 4 consecutive Premier Leagues? No, so far in the history of the Premier League, …

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Who’ll be the Referee for FA Cup 2024 Final | Manchester Derby Referee

andy madley fa cup final referee

The referee for the final of FA Cup 2024 has been announced. Andy Madley will be the referee for the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City. Andy Madley has been acting as the main referee for the Premier League since 2019. From. He has appeared in 22 Premier League games so far and 2 Championship matches. He’ll …

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Premier League Football Clubs Nicknames and their Formation Date

premier league club nicknames and formation date

Hello, Premier League fans! Want to know the nicknames of Premier League football clubs? Today, we are going to show you the nicknames of teams that are playing or ever played in England’s top football club competition. It is the most popular and most-watched professional football league in the World. During the time of its formation, it was called the …

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Kyle Walker is likely to miss Champions League game against Real Madrid

kyle walker injury update

The quarter-final round of the UEFA Champions League is just one week away and Manchester City have been handed a big blow. City’s key defender Kyle Walker has been ruled out of the Champions League quarter-final match against Real Madrid. Once again, the international friendlies cost a player and team to miss the big game in the coming week. Kyle …

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Bayern Munich Could Sell Joshua Kimmich This Summer

bayern munich to sell kimmich

German giants Bayern Munich could sell their midfielder Joshua Kimmich this summer. Europe’s 5 elite clubs are in queue to sign the 29-year-old with Liverpool and Real Madrid leading the race. Looks like Harry Kane is to lose a key player who has a huge role in Kane’s success at the German club. The current contract of Joshua Kimmich with …

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Premier League Winners Since 1888 to Till Now

premier league winners

The Premier League is considered the most popular domestic Football League. It is the top league in England and it is played by 20 teams. Today, we are going to discuss the past champions of the Premier League and also of the Football League’s first division for which it was known earlier. The top 4 teams from this league qualify …

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List of Premier League Clubs Owners and Their Market Value

premier league club owners and market value

Ever wondered about the owners of the football clubs that play in the Premier League? Want to know which club has the maximum market value in the Premier League? All of your questions are going to be answered right over here. Presenting you the complete list of the Premier League clubs with their owners and current market value. As the …

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