Top 5 Players Who Are Playing Their Last Euro Championship

The European Championship 2024 is going to be the last for some naming players who are playing their last Euro competition. Today, we’ll discuss the top 5 footballers have decided to play their last Euro tournament. Germany got the responsibilty to host the 17th edition & it’ll be the last for some of your favorite football players. So who are they?

1. Toni Kroos

players who are playing last euro

On public demand, the German midfielder Toni Kroos took U-trun from the retirement and rejoined the national football team. It was coach’s desire to play Kroos in the European Championship and he fulfiled his desire.┬áThe midfielder master announced on Instagram that he would be available for his nation. Now, he has been called in Germany’s team squad for Euros.

Toni Kroos played his first game after re joining the team against France in which he provided a crucial assist. The 3 time Euro Champions won 3 out of last 4 games since Kroos’ arrival.

Euro 2024 will be his last tornament and he hang up his shoes after the Euros. Interestingly, the European Championship is the only title that Kroos did not win and what could be the better way than winning it at home?

2. Olivier Giroud

players who are playing last euro

France is set to lose their number 9, Olivier Giroud after the Euro 2024. Giroud has already stated that this is his last competition for the national side. Giroud told to L’Equipe

This will be my last competition with Les Bleus. I’m going to miss it a lot. We need to make way for the youngsters. You also have to be careful not to have one season too many. You have to find the right balance.

Since making debut for France in 2011, Giroud has played 132 games for France in which he scored 57 goals. While playing for the national team, he won FIFA World Cup in 2018, and UEFA Nations League in 2021. Check France’s team squad for the European Championship.

3 Luka Modric

luka modric croatia

Probably the best Croatian football player is playing his last European Championship. Luka Modric is the only Ballon d’Or winner from Croatia. A remarkable career with club and country makes him one of the best football players of all time.

Luka Modric will lead the Croatian team squad in the Euros as team captain. Although he has extended 1-year contract with Real Madrid and the contract will end in June 2025, he is set to play his last Euro Cup in Germany this year. At the age of 38, Modric is showing no sign of stopping.

4. Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo portugal

Euro 2024 will lose its all-time top goal scorer and most appeared player after the conclusion of the competition. Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those players who are playing their last Euro. He is the all-time top goal scorer in the Euro Championship. It is not confirmed whether he’ll play in the 2026 FIFA World Cup or not, but Euro 2024 is most likely to be his last European tournament.

Martinez has called Ronaldo in Portugal’s Euro Cup team squad. Right now, Ronaldo is 39 years old and in the next Euro, he’ll be 43 at that time. Although he has already won a Euro title back in 2016 & if he wins another Euro title, we can confirm that he is expected to retire before the next World Cup.

5. Robert Lewandowski

robert lewandowski poland

The Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski is still the leading goal scorer in Poland at the age of 35. He will have a huge responsibility on his shoulders throughout this competition. But Poland cannot rely on him forever and age is the most crucial factor here.

Robert Lewandowski has already hinted at retiring from international football which means Euro 2024 could be his last international tournament. So, Lewandowski has a last chance to help Poland win something that the nation has not won so far. Take a look at the Team squad of Poland for Euro 2024.

These are the 5 top players who are playing their last European Championship. Do you know more like these? Mention them in the comment box and we’ll discuss him.

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